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Entering Arun's Thai Restaurant for the first time, you are transported to the exotic land of the Thais. The restaurant's beautiful interior reflects the harmonious balance of contemporary simplicity and classical elegance. Cut and patterned panels of deep mahogany and other wood frame walls of vibrant color. Lustrous Thai silks and exquisite classical Thai paintings sparkle and delight. Take a few moments to stroll through the delightful haven.

The 2,500 square-foot dining room is designed to provide semi-private alcoves, with lines-of-sight into the full dining area. The elegant main dining area is bordered by a raised gallery along its south wall; from this charming gallery small, intimate tables overlook the main dining room through a series of Thai-style windows.

Examine Thai artifacts and craft work from Arun's private collection. As you enter the front vestibule, view the magnificent mural depicting the life and death of Buddha. Take in the many fine paintings, throughout the main dining area, illustrating the life of Buddha, classic Thai fairy-tales and mythology that will leave one with great fascination. The paintings are rich and subtle tones of the traditional Thai art periods.

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